Carmodius Crystalline Stylus

 Carmodius Crystalline Stylus


February 06 2023 - 23:36 PM

This guide will help you farm the legendary weapon:

Carmodius Crystalline Stylus

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Port to the Stairs of Destiny.

[Might and Magic] > Mission Area > The stair of Destiny

Find the NPC called "Marshal Isildor".

Accept his Upgrade and Story Quest so we know what materials we have to farm in order to upgrade Carmodius Crystalline Stylus.



First of all we will have to finish the Story Questline to get the non-upgraded version.

[Might and Magic] > Worldmap > Azeroth > Kalimdor > Thousand Needles.

Open up your Map and head North-West because we have to find "Marshal Insildor" again.

You can find Marshal Insildors Location here.


He will give you 2 Quests where you have to gather 10 [Carmodius Egg] and 10 [Crystal Ore].

Both can be found around the Marshal while heading back into Thousand Needles.

Carmodius Egg Drop.

Crystal Ore Drop.

After we are done with those Quests we will be rewarded with [Carmodius Crystalline Stylus].



Now that we have acquired the original [Carmodius Crystalline Stylus] it's time to farm the Upgrade Material.

[Might and Magic] > Worldmap > Azeroth > Kalimdor > Thousand Needles.

We will have to loot Eggs and kill Wyverns for the first Upgrade.

You can find the Wyvern and Egg Farming Location here.

Collect 30 [Highperch Wyvern Egg]

Slay 30 Highperch Wyvern

Slay 5 Highperch Consort



Now we will go back to Mission Area!

[Might and Magic] > Mission Area > The stair of Destiny

Go to the NPC called "Marshal Isildor" and finish the quest we accepted at the beginning of our Journey.


Congratulations, champion! You've acquired @Carmodius Crystalline Stylus.



Material for 10@ max Upgrade:

  • 1955 [Highperch Wyvern Egg]
  • 1690 Slayed Highperch Wyvern
  • 275 Slayed Highperch Consort
  • 10250 Mond Gold



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