November 29 2022 - 09:32 AM

You can now Donate through website and receive your donation point automatically. You no Longer need to contact admins to add you donation.

However you need to inform us to add you VIP status

You can also check out donation store in website. Keep in mind there items you can buy in game using your donation points and not all the services are listed in website. Donation Store

make sure you log out of your account before you donate or vote



Pricing: (1 DP = 1$)


VIP status: donate at least 5$ or 100 Vote points

Silver VIP: 10 dp or 300 Vote points
Gold VIP: 30DP
Magnificent VIP: 60 DP
Graceful VIP: 120 DP
Dream VIP: 200 DP

Silver weapon: 5 dp
Gold weapon: 15 DP
Magnificent weapon: 30 DP
Graceful weapon: 60 DP
Dream weapon: 100 DP

tri spec : 60 DP
Titan grip: 30 DP
460 haste tabbard: 40DP
Xmog Items up to expansion 9.0.1: 5 DP per Item (Items will be account bound)
Custom Title: 10 DP
Mond Swift Skyfire Diamond(custom meta gem): 10 DP
VIP Gears Transfer: 20 DP (no downgrade or refund)
Class Transfer: 50 DP  (this includes farmable contents, quests, achievements, reputations and VIP contents. note that this is long process and it can take a few hours.
Flying wing Mount: 30 DP


You are able to upgrade your gears in game using donation store.

Example: if you have silver vip which cost 10$ and u want to upgrade to gold. You can click on buying GOLD vip. It will cost you only the difference of 20 DP.

Prices are subjected to change. 


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Rewarding System

You can subscribe to our new rewarding system where you can earn DP (Donation Point) for playing.

It cost 200 to subscribe for next 30 days.

You will earn 1 every 5 hours you play. The required play time might reduce during the events.

VIP benefits

  • +10 Talent point for all characters in your account
  • Dual Wielded for all characters in your account
  • Access to VIP Quest
  • Access to VIP instances
  • You can equip Farmable VIP gears

Make sure you log out of your in-game account before you activate your VIP. Otherwise you will lose your Vote points.

It cost 100 for VIP.