Thunderfury: Blesses Blade Of the windseeker

 Thunderfury: Blesses Blade Of the windseeker


December 01 2022 - 21:02 PM

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Base weapons: as in retail wow.

You need to get the quest in silithus

Go to the above location and talk to Highlord Demitrian and get the quest. 


You can turn the first quest right away. but the second quest requires:


Enchanted Elementium bar: You can buy it from the Mining trainer in mission area

the rest of requirements can be found in Molten Core :

click your  [Might and Magic] in your bag: then click on Raid Instance => Vanila RAID => Molten Core

For first  [Bindings of the Windseeker] you need to kill Garr


For Second [Bindings of the Windseeker] you need to kill Baron Geddon



For [Essence of the Firelord] you have to find Ragnarus and kill him.



Now you have all the requirements and you can turn the quest.

Highlord Demitrian will give you one last quest.



All you need to do is to kill the Prince Thunderaan right behind you (where u get the quest).
Then you loot the  [Dormant Wind Kissed Blade] and you can compelete the quest and get the base weapon.


Now its time to upgrade this amazing legendary weapon. Go to mission area and find the Azshir.


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