PVP : Arena

PVP : Arena

January 7, 2023, 06:46 am

Starting Now you can build your Arena Team and play for rewards

A few Rules you should keep in mind:


1. We suggest you to have extra char for arena.

2. You can Only Use Items from S8 vendor which is moved to tower right now. anything else will be unequipted and send you back per mailbox if you join arena while you have them on. Let us know If we should allow other items for arena.

3. Slayer haste bag, Pumpkin Bag and Old Santa Bag **ARE NOT** allowed on that char.

4 Full Talent **ARE NOT** allowed.

5. Using Custom Haste Gems **ARE NOT** allowed.

6. Enchants from #edited-proff-enchant **ARE NOT** allowed.

7. Some spells might get adjusted for better gameplay.

8. Casters 400% spell power, Hunter and Druid custom damage spell are not active in arena.

9. 50 Haste gem is also NOT allowed. Please keep it fair and use 20 haste gem only.


Rewards are Transmogs, PVP Token, Mounts and Arena Token. More Items will be available later for Arena Reward. Here is one you should Know:


Arena Token Can be used To upgrade The Dream VIP Finger and Trincket. 




All the NPCs regarding arena, Reward Vendor, Arena Battlemaster, Arena Orgenizer and S8, Can be found in towers ( where the snowman can be found currently).

A new dueling zone is added to the Might&Magic - Mission area submenu. You can find Class trainers, Transmog NPCs, Arena NPCs and all sorts of other vendors in this new zone.
All the Arena rules and spell changes applies to this zone aswell.
-Your Cooldowns will reset after Dueling.
-Health and mana resets before duel starts and restores when duel ends.

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Rewarding System

You can subscribe to our new rewarding system where you can earn DP (Donation Point) for playing.

It cost 200 to subscribe for next 30 days.

You will earn 1 every 5 hours you play. The required play time might reduce during the events.

VIP benefits

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It cost 100 for VIP.