Weapon Master Achievement

Weapon Master Achievement

February 6, 2023, 10:01 pm

We have added a new achievement Weapon Master

1. You can gain this achievement by finishing all T1 Weapon quests( exclude Azzinoth,the Illidan's Fury)

2. it will reward you The Weapon Master Title.

3. It will reward you a Token To upgrade the 6@ Miracle of LinkElune  OR  V Miracle of LinkElune .  You only need this token for this upgrade.

4. It will reward you a Mount ( the mount is not ready yet, we are waiting for the new Patch Y. we expect that within next 2 week. so dont worry if you farmed it by then, we will add you the momunt)




This Token you get From this achievement is One of its kind!

you can decide to trade it with others or use it yourself




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