Participate on Mond-WoW trending

Participate on Mond-WoW trending

November 29, 2022, 10:54 am

In order to update our player Guides and We need to have some video and guidelines. I am going to make a list of what we need and if you would like to participate and help us with them there will be some benefits. you can chose between  400x  Testimony of Heaven or 1 month subscription of rewarding system.


what we need(list might get updated):

1. Oak Weapon quest guide ( since its updated and changed a bit)
2. Starter Guide
3. Class Guide ( talents/ spells, how to play(showing your way of playing and etc))
4. Wand quest guide
5. We are looking for every Weapon quest guide that does not exist in our discord video channel

let us know if u want to participate so we tell you if anyone else is working on the topic u want to work to avoide time being wasted.


Additionally we are trying to get more active in our social media. by following our Reddit, Youtube and our facebook page you can have one Wing quest of your chois complete. If you subscribed us in all media you can Open a

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Rewarding System

You can subscribe to our new rewarding system where you can earn DP (Donation Point) for playing.

It cost 200 to subscribe for next 30 days.

You will earn 1 every 5 hours you play. The required play time might reduce during the events.

VIP benefits

  • +10 Talent point for all characters in your account
  • Dual Wielded for all characters in your account
  • Access to VIP Quest
  • Access to VIP instances
  • You can equip Farmable VIP gears

Make sure you log out of your in-game account before you activate your VIP. Otherwise you will lose your Vote points.

It cost 100 for VIP.